General information

What Can I Do With My Stuff?

Ökihof is a recycling station in the Gut Hirt neighborhood of Zug. It is located behind the Baarerhof Restaurant which is across from our church.
The opening times for Ökihof are as follows:
Monday–Thursday: 09.00–11.30 / 13.00–16.30
Friday: 09.00–11.30 / 13.00–18.30
Saturday: 08.00–13.00
Ökihof takes everything. Recyclable items are free, all other items will be taken for a small fee. Electronic items can be turned in for free. In Switzerland, when you buy an electronic item, a recycling fee is included in the price.
Information sheet in English can be found here.
Other Ökihof locations and Information sheets in other languages can be found here.

Second Hand Shop

Bröcki Zug will take your furniture as long as it is in good condition. If you want them to pick it up they will, however they must first inspect the items. Furniture that they cannot resell can be removed for a fee. They will also accept clothing and other small household items and furniture including dishes and kitchenware plus some bedding. All items will be resold.
They will accept items during the regualr opening hours of Ökihof.

Bröcki is a second-hand shop and there are often many treasures to be found there. Please keep this in mind when you are donating your items. Would you pay money for the items you are donating? If not, then (for a fee) they will take your unusable items.They are open for sales om Wednesday 13.00-16.30 and Saturday 9.00-13.00.

Bröcki is a well-established institution in Zug. It is operated by the Frauenzentrale Zug with is a social agency designed to help and advice women (and men) who find themselves in difficult situations. Money earned from the sale of items in the Bröcki goes directly to the operation of this agency.

Used Books can be taken to the “Bröcki” section of Ökihof. Desirable books in good condition (also English) will be resold. The others will be recycled.

Another cool place.....

Halle 44 is along the train tracks on the way to Baar. It is easily reachable by car. It is primarily a workshop for the unemployed. Here you can find all kinds of things ranging from handmade itens (made from the stuff we give to Ökihof). They have a laundrymat where you can wash and dry your clothes (laundry soap is included in the price.) From May to October, they offer bikes on loan in various places around Zug. They also take old, unused bikes, fix them up and they are then sent to Africa. Halle 44 has a library where books are free (you may take up to 10 books at a time.) 

What especially great is that Halle 44 rents large grills for CHF 40.00 (March through November). reservations can be made on-line.