General information

Covid Restrictions Beginning September 13, 2021

On September 8th, 2021, the Federal Council extended Covid Certificate requirements. 

Sunday Evening Mass

Sunday Mass in Good Shepherd's demands a Covid Certificate. This means proof of either having received a vaccine, recovered from Covid or providing a recent negative test. Certificates will be checked. If we do not follow these rules, which have been decided by the Canton and our Diocese, we run the risk of being closed down. 

Weekday Services

Religious services of under 50 persons have a mandatory mask requirement. Persons must register themselves with contact details at the door. 


Our monthly Fellowships can continue at this time but only with a certificate, unless held outdoors. 

Roman Catholic Diocese of Basel

Multi-Parish Community Zug Walchwil

Live Streaming

Our Sunday Mass, 9:30 in German and 18:00 in English) are streamed live. They are available for up to 24 hours after the Mass has ended. If you are unable to recieve Communion, you can make a Spiritual Communion