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Trying to Return to Normal

On May 26th, 2021, the Federal Council announced new significant relaxations of the measures in the fight against the coronavirus. We are happy to announce what this means for our parish as of May 31, 2021:


A protection concept must be developed for each event or activity (except for private events). The mandatory mask requirement has not been relaxed. This applies to those who have been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 and those who have tested. The maximum number of persons allowed includes children as well.

Events with an audience, which includes religious services: 

100 people are allowed inside, outside 300 people. The distance regulations remain the same, 1.5 meters or at least 1 seat. At public events, food and drink are allowed in the seats when the contact details and seat numbers of all visitors are collected. Due to the great effort this involves, it is recommended that we continue to refrain from such events, which includes our monthly Fellowships. It is possible to offer refreshment after an event, however the catering rules must be adhered to (groups of four inside, groups of six outside, compulsory sitting at the time of consumption, collection of all contact data per table).

Events without an audience, such as club events, guided tours, seniors' afternoons, adult education, etc.: 

These are possible inside and outside with a maximum of 50 people. If people move freely, a capacity limit of 10 square meters per person applies. There is a mandatory mask obligation and the distance rules must be observed. If food or drinks are offered, the gastronomy rules must be adhered to (groups of four inside, groups of six outside, compulsory seating at the time of consumption, collection of all contact data per table).

Amateur culture and amateur sport:

Larger groups of up to 50 people and performances and competitions with audiences are possible again. Performances by lay cultural workers are also possible again. This means, for example, that performances with (churches) choirs in front of an audience are allowed outside again. Indoor choir concerts remain prohibited. This applies to both professional and amateur choirs. However, individual singers can perform with appropriate safeguards (as before).

Restaurants/catering establishments: 

New interiors are also open again, max. 4-tables, outside also 6-person tables are allowed. There is a seat and registration obligation. The mask can be removed from the table. The staff are required to wear masks. For churches this means that church coffees or lunches can take place both inside or outside, provided that the above rules are observed. Standing Apéros, banquets, etc. are still not allowed.

Home office obligation: 

There is no longer a home office obligation for companies that regularly test, or are integrated into a cantonal test program (vaccinated people are excluded from testing). However, home office is still recommended, a return to presence work should in any case only be done gradually. Once all people who want to do so are vaccinated, the home office rule should be relaxed without any guidelines for testing (expected at the end of July). The Good Shepherd's Team has been either vaccinated or recovered from the virus and tested positive with antibodies. We continue to be here for you! Please continue to protect yourself and others. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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