General information

Religious Education

Good Shepherd's offers religious education for school aged children. If you are interested please contact Good Shepherd's. You may download our registration form here.

First Communion Preparation

First Communion will be on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 17:00 in Good Shepherd's. Classes will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 16:15 - 17:10 in the Parish Center. Children must be at least 7 years old to begin and parents must be able to commit to regular Mass attendance in order for their child to make their First Communion.


Every day we make choices. Most of the choices we make are good, but sometimes the choices we make are not. When we make choices that go against the will of God, we sin. When we sin, we need to ask for forgiveness. We can do this in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as Confession. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we tell our sins to a priest who in turn helps us to find ways to make changes and improve our actions. When we do this, we show God we are sorry for what we have done wrong. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the words and actions of the priest, God forgives us and heals us. Preparation for First Confession is often done before First Communion. In Switzerland, we believe that children should be a little older to fully realize the importance of this Sacrament. Preparation for Reconciliation is done the year after First Communion. Classes for the next school year begin in January 2019 and will be held in the Parish Center from 16:00-17:00. The Path of Reconciliation concluding with confession will be offered on Friday May 10 and Saturday May 11, 2019.


Confirmation in the Catholic Church takes place when a young person is in their teens. Here in the Swiss Parishes of Zug, the age is higher, 17 or 18 years old. While it might not be a very convenient time in a young adult's life, it is a good age for discernment. Young adults are able to take responsibility for their education and appointments. The decision to commit to the Catholic Faith is by their free will and is not influenced by the pressure of their parents. At Good Shepherd's, preparation to recieve the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place once every two years. Together with the catechist, the candidates plan the meeting dates and times. Readiness is determined by their participation and involvement in the group and in the community.

We will begin a class following the summer holiday. Confirmation will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May, 2020 at 18.00. Please check with Good Shepherd's if you are interested.