General information

Protect Others - Protect Yourself

During the 10-week lockdown, we at Good Shepherd's found ourselves with extra time on our hands. We decided that the best way to spend our time was to work with our hands.

Coughing and Sneezing

Along with keeping a good distance between ourselves and others, we are asked to cough or sneeze into the elbow part of our arm or into a tissue. Sometimes this isn't possible. Maybe we forget. Coughing and sneezing spreads viruses which can make people sick. Wearing a face mask can help prevent the rapid spread.

Don't Touch!

Professional disposable medical masks help protect medical personal from the spread of viruses and bacteria. They can also be a reminder of the times we are living in and that we should avoid touching our face. What can we do if we feel we would like to have some extra protection yet don't want to use a disposable?

To Wear or Not To Wear

That's a good question. At this time, wearing a mask is not mandatory in most public places. But when social distancing is not always guaranteed, wearing a mask can help a person feel more secure and comfortable. We set up a sewing station in the Parish Center and made over 300 masks. This wonderful volunteer project has produced masks made out of love and kindness for the safety and security of others. If you would like a mask or know someone who can use one, please send us a self addressed (standard C5), stamped envelope (or place in our mailbox) and we will mail one to you, free of charge. We  have placed some masks in our Church on the middle pew. 

If you would like to make a small donation you can. We have several projects which we support. Alternatively, you can place some coins in the slot next to the statue of St. Anthony. It can be found in the back of our Church.

Stay healthy, Stay Safe. Be aware of others around you.