General information

Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church - Chilbi

Sunday of the People (Sonntag der Völker) is the one Sunday in the year where the foreign missions and their host parish come together as one body.  In 1937, Gut Hirt opened its doors to welcome the people living in the neighboring community. Today, the parish is home to over 3000 Catholics. It is here that Good Shepherd’s makes their spiritual home. It is also home to the Croatian Mission, and a Syrian-Orthodox Community. All of us are thankful to the Parish of Gut Hirt for opening their doors to us and making us feel at home in their home.

Church Without Borders

People who call our Church their spiritual home come from all over the world from all kinds of situations. Some have left the security and comfort of their surroundings to move to Switzerland. During the relocation process, it is common for many people to experience a certain amount of anxiety and fear. What follows is a deepening of perspective and a freedom of constraints that exceeds boundaries. Boundaries however are not something we ever seem to be free of. As people, we are accustomed to creating boundaries and putting up borders. We build fences around our homes, put up walls around neighborhoods, cities, and in some places around countries. And often we put up boundaries toward each other. The Church should be a place without borders or boundaries. The Church is like a mother who spreads her arms and receives all. The Church has an open heart for everyone, especially for the poor, the abandoned, the persecuted and the helpless.

International Mass

On Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 10:00 we will celebrate our diversity with a multilingual  Mass.

Please join us for this special celebration. Following Mass, you are kindly invited to join us for refreshments in the Parish Center.