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Celebrating A Life of Service

We at Good Shepherd's express our sadness at the passing of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 

A Life of Service

Rt Rev Dr. Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland had this to say, “The death of the Duke of Edinburgh marks the end of an era in the life of our nation. Prince Philip’s naval service to our country in time of war, and his enormous service to the nation afterwards, and his support of many organisations and charities in industry, education, conservation and sport have been an example to many. Throughout his long life, Prince Philip has shown how privilege ought to be marked by service. In his dedicated and distinctive way, he has shown our nation what this looks like, and what kind of difference it can make.

London Cardinal Leads Catholics

The president of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales issued a statement on April 9th, soon after the queen announced “with deep sorrow” that her husband of 73 years had died at the age of 99.
“At this moment of sadness and loss, I pray for the repose of the soul of Prince Philip, Her Majesty the Queen’s faithful and loyal husband,” said Cardinal Nichols in a statement posted on the website of the English and Welsh bishops’ conference. “I pray for the queen and all of the royal family,” he said. “How much we will miss Prince Philip’s presence and character, so full of life and vigor. He has been an example of steadfast loyalty and duty cheerfully given. May he rest in peace.”

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Prince Philip inspired generations of young people to make a difference in their local communities and the wider world. This award helped to transform the lives of many young people, invoking confidence and self-worth through achievement and hard work. This is how he lived and formed his public life.

Unswerving Support

Prince Philip will always be known as being the strength and personal support for Her Majesty the Queen. May his example of service and dedication be a source of inspiration for many. 

Let Us Pray

The Church of Wales offers the following prayer:

Eternal God, we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip, founder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We remember his vision and imagination, his interest in young people and his support for them. Inspire us with the same commitment to serve friend, neighbour, and stranger alike, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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