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A Wing & A Prayer: A Memorial Installation

For over a year now, the Corona pandemic has been hovering over our everyday lives and has changed many of us forever. Almost every one knows someone who contracted Covid-19 or has even had it them self. There are many who have had to say goodbye to family members, friends and acquaintances. As of May 21st this year, 10'226 people in Switzerland have died due to Covid-19 complications. 

We Remember

We at Gut Hirt & Good Shepherd's want to set an example and not forget the deceased. People from our community and beyond have helped us fold one origami dove for each person who has passed. These doves now hang from a large net in our church. What stands out are the blue and white doves which hang in the middle. They represent the deceased from Canton Zug. 

Crossing the Generations

This project has reached across to all generations, from primary school students to our loved ones in the elderly care centers. Some have folded only a few and there are some who have folded over 1,000 each!

A Final Project

Our beloved Fr. Urs is always working on a project. When he presented the idea of "A Wing & A Prayer" we ran with the ball! This will be his final contribution to our community before he retires at the end of September. Inspired by the exhibition of the same name in the Ripon Cathedral in the UK, Fr. Urs wanted to bring something similar to Zug in order to pay our respects to those who have passed. This has been a challenging project and we were not sure how the final result would be. We invite you to step into our church and see for yourself or watch our short presentation on our YouTube Channel.  It is overwhelming.